• Land Water of Siak Kecil Lake

    Bird's Eye View of the Lake

    One destination that is perfect to see the ecology of the lake as well as the location of fishes.

  • Siak Kecil, Giam Biosphere Reserves

    Siak Kecil, Giam Biosphere Reserves attracts many people from overseas, esp Malaysia

    especially the Sabah State Government to serve as an example. It is as expressed by the Delegation of State spokesman Sabah, Jamili Nais time in Pekanbaru, Wednesday (7/7).

  • Fishing Spot

    Various Spots for Fishing at Siak Kecil Lake

    One of the strategic fishing, Tapah and slice fish populations are found in this area.

  • Floating Boat Research Hut

    As a research facility and tourist

    One of the amenities found in the biosphere reserve Giam Siak Kecil as a research and travel.

  • Amazonia

    Get atmosphere Amazon here

    Caught a glimpse of this display as a part of the famous South American region with the Amazon river, the second longest river in the world, guess you missed. This is the area Bengkalis, part of Ekominawisata location. This location is about 200 M from fisheries research center which is surrounded by tropical forests and peat wild. It is suitable for your predatory fish hunting and boating, water is calm, cool and diverse suasanya birds, insects, monkeys and other fauna will always lurk as accompany the activities you enjoy this small Siak tasik nature.

Ekomina Wisata Biosphere


Welcome Page

Ekominawisata a Pilot Project Local Government Bengkalis which will be realized in the near future development, various attempts have been made as a form of concentration of tourism projects that are directly handled by the Research, Development and Statistics in researching the feasibility of the construction site tour this fishery.

Ekominawisata is a fishing tour, fishing tour is designed to have multiple functions in addition to the main function as a place traveled but also in combination with fisheries research center, fitted with equipment specifically research field aquaculture using floating net cages, as well as to preserve genetic resources, species, ecosystems and landscapes; development function, to spur economic development and human well-being, and logistic support function, to support research and education and training issues related to environmental conservation and sustainable development at the national level as well lokall and facilitate the conduct of business of fish farming, the ease of obtaining the means of cultivation infrastructures (bag material floating nets / cages, fish food, fish, drugs etc.), post-harvest, processing and marketing of aquaculture, as well as create new tourist destinations in the hope of achieving Bengkalis growth and economic development broadly Bengkalis each region.


Ekominawisata is an integral part of the Biosphere Reserve Giam Siak Small, with a unity of purpose in conservation, but ekominawisata side is devoted to the fishery ecosystem. Biosphere reserves are sites designated by the various countries through cooperation MAB-UNESCO program to promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, based on the efforts of local communities and reliable science. As a region that describes the alignment of the relationship between economic development, community development and environmental protection, through a partnership between man and nature, the biosphere reserve is an ideal region to test and demonstrate approaches that lead to sustainable development at the regional level.

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